The Pulse Emergency Key Ring power bank is a unique 2000mah unit with built in iPhone and type-c charger cables. The unit is designed to be an on-the-go solution for when you might find yourself unexpectedly caught out without power and need a recharge to keep you going. Given it's size, it's also a fantastic travel accessory. Please refer to the power guide for an estimate of how much power to expect on a recharge.



In your box, you will find the following

- One Pulse Emergency Key Ring power bank

- One Removable Key Ring Clip

- One USB to Type-C Charger Cable (5V-1A)

- One Pulse Short Story

- One instruction highlight card


Unit Features and how to use

Output charge the power bank can charge devices using two built in cables

- One built in iPhone cable to charge relevant devices (5V-1A)

- One built in type-c cable to charge relevant devices (5V-1A)

To charge your device, pull out the relevant cable and plug into your device. For example, pull out the iPhone cable to charge an iPhone.


Input charge - the power bank can be recharged by the wire provided

- Wired charge; 5V-1A type-c limit

To charge your power bank, plug in the type-c cable to the unit type-c port. The maximum input charge is 5V-1A. One cable has been provided. 

The LED lights on the power bank will indicate the remaining charge.



Do NOT crack open or pierce the power bank and / or the battery inside.

The power bank is NOT waterproof. Do NOT put the product in water.

Severe impact or heavy crushing may damage the battery. Do NOT throw, crush or expose the power bank to mechanical or physical shocks.

Prolonged exposure to direct extreme sunlight or high temperatures may damage the power bank. Do NOT leave the power bank under such conditions and do NOT store next to a heat source such as fires and heaters.

Do NOT expose the power bank to open flames.

Do NOT use the power bank if it is in abnormal conditions such as having a peculiar smell or on the rare occasion, the battery swells up.

If the battery is damaged, swells up, has a peculiar smell or leaks, do NOT use the power bank.

Do NOT alter this product