Hi everyone, and welcome to our page.

We've been asked quite a lot about how we started and how we got to where we are, so we thought to share a little bit about our story.

In a nutshell, we are a small UK based company set up out of necessity for a portable charger. Our founder found himself many times in a situation that we are confident a number of you have been in quite regularly. And that's simply being out of home without a charger and that low battery warning. He did try many things such as carrying those chunky power banks we are all familiar with or cables around. He even tried those little cables you can attach to your keys but they never lasted more than a few months of regular use. All those little power banks we found did not have built in cables so it was all still pretty messy. Neither solution was ideal or comfortable. It was never fun sitting on the floor of an airport next to a socket trying to recharge your phone either.

So it began with a simple thought "can I get a little power bank to attach to my keys that gives me enough power to get on with my day". The answer was yes to the little power bank on my keys, but no to enough power. Most units available, in our opinion, were low quality, had poorly performing batteries, could not hold their charge, had too little power from small batteries or were typically grossly overpriced. The really cheap ones were cheap for a reason....

That sparked a journey of us speaking with various factories around the world to make a unit just for him, whatever it took. We found an amazing little factory already developing a unit but for a different purpose. We worked with them to input some changes to make a great little power bank and to our surprise, it was almost everything we wanted. Hence the company was born to share this solution. But that was not enough. We wanted to fully implement our ideas and your feedback so we decided to start over.

So here we are today. Our Pulse Key Ring Power Bank, model PLS-2KW designed in the UK which started with a pencil, paper, and the worst scribbles possible. But it took our ideas and your feedback to create this unit, make it as convenient as possible, affordable and give the quality we all need. We all have one attached to our keys. To us, there's nothing better and we are excited to share this with all of you. And in the future, let's see where our imagination and your feedback takes us as we work to evolve our unit even further.