We have never been fans of pens, mugs, notepads and such for gifts. That’s why we encourage people to take a moment and try something new. Why not gift your guests or clients a Pulse power bank with your custom logo on it? It’s a gift they will remember and actually use.

We will apply your logo to the front of the power bank and re move ours. The standard offer will be the same packaging and contents with the option to add or remove our comic. Addition or removal of the comic will not affect the price as that cost is already covered by us. 

For UK based clients only however if you are based in Europe, please reach out and we can discuss options

It’s in the detail

  • Minimum order requirement - 50 to 99 units - 15% discount
  • 100 to 249 units - 17.5% discount 
  • 250 to 499 units - 20% discount
  • 500+ units - reach out for more information 
  • All colours available except the Gold
  • Bespoke colour subject to minimum of 1000 units. However please reach out to discuss 

Orders of less than 500 units will typically be added to our quarterly production cycle. For orders in excess of 500 units, these can be produced ad-hoc. 

Reach out to us and we will see how we can help  

These units below were used as gifts for a destination wedding